What Do Our Customers Say?

From the moment you walk in our doors, you will know that something is special about Silhouette Hair Salon and Spa. From the quality of servies on our salon menu to the incredible value of our package deals to the inviting and soothing atmosphere of our little Bellevue oasis, we offer a small step back from the stressful hustle and bustle of the everyday world. We invite you to discover what sets us apart.
Your in the best hands with Jean and her crew!!!
Very professional service and some of the very best products around!
Devine’s, ( best hair color for your hair)
Eminence Organic Skin Care
Sorme Cosmetics
A full service salon!!
Beautiful results
Michele K, Mar 16 2019
What an incredibly pleasant experience with Master Stylist and owner, Jean! I had major hair damage and she was confident giving me a sassy short to long style with an undercut! Jean is detail oriented and my not-so-easy cut is simply stellar. Jean is very talented and has an amazing heart. Highly recommend for drastic style change, repairs, hair color and being treated with genuine care. This 49 year old feels amazing! Thanks Jean!!
Hurry H, Jul 19 2018
After trying several other salons in the area and being thoroughly dissapointed with color services, Jean helped my hair recover and look good again. She manages to balance natural, effortless and creative in a way that is very hard to find. I believe it comes from experience, since Jean has been in the business for more than 15 years. She will always brighten your day with her positive attitude and expertise. She is the only person I trust to color my hair. Silhouette salon is always bright, clean and friendly!
Malika K, Mar 15 2018
I live in the apartment complex behind this salon, and have been looking for a new hair stylist, so I stopped in Saturday evening to check it out.

They were about 15 minutes from closing, but Jean said that she was happy to cut my hair anyway, and I'm so glad she did!

She started by asking what I was looking for, then took her time to explain a few different options that would work for my hair type. She was extremely thorough, and it was quickly obvious that she had a ton of experience doing hair. I went with one of her suggestions, and she began to cut my hair.

She took her time and cut my hair meticulously. She then gave me a great shampoo, then went and finished up the cut. The final look felt so fresh and stylish!

She was also extremely friendly and social throughout the haircut. She made me feel quite comfortable very quickly.

The best part was that after I walked home, my girlfriend saw it and goes WOW! My girlfriend has never complimented a haircut in our 10 years together, but she loved this one!

Thanks Jean, you are truly a talented and highly experienced stylist. I will be back!!!
Samuel H, Oct 19 2017
Went in for a cut and color with Jean (the salon owner). She was a salon owner and a stylist for 20 years in Boston before moving out to Seattle last year. She's got a great vision and was unafraid of my grown out curls and roots. She is into "sustainable" cuts - ie, flattering cuts that don't take a ton of maintenance or prep and she is very passionate about getting people into a cut that is flattering for their hair type and face shape. I highly recommend her!
Colleen R, Feb 01 2018
Jean was amazing! I have struggled for almost 2 years to find someone who could do the inverted bob cut I had when I moved here. After my last disaster experience I headed back to Yelp for guidance. I am SO glad that I found Silhouette!!! Jean is amazingly talented. My haircut was better than I could have hoped for! Excited that my search is over!!!
Erin P, Jun 25 2017
I love this salon! Jean and Emily are so kind and provide such a great service! Emily's facials are to die for and I'm seriously hooked! Go see them immediately!!
Sarah C, Aug 11 2017
Was looking for a salon close to home as the stylist who cut my hair for the past 10 years moved to North Bend. Found this place online. The reviews are spot on. The stylist is skilled and gave me a nice cut. Best part though, and worth the price of the cut, was the incredible scalp massage she gave me during the shampoo and rinse. I think I will be back.
Phil N, Jul 27 2017
I come to see Emily for my lashes and I absolutely love her work! She's amazingly friendly and does a perfect job. She really takes pride in her work so come see her!
Ana H, Aug 25 2017
I am so HAPPY to have found Jean and the lovely ladies. I hated my hair, truly felt like an ugly ducking but Jean knew exactly what to do for my hair and face shape. I have that was short and very fine so difficult to cut but Jean gave me a stylish and modern easy to keep new hair do ! I would highly recommend her to anyone without hesitation. I am going back there next week to get my hair colored as I saw that everyone working in the salon all had great haircuts and great color too.
Karen D, Jun 23 2017
I go to see Emily, she is the best.. does a variety of skin care services, she's very knowledgeable and kind. Sounds funny but I always look forward to seeing her to get my bikini wax.
Korina A
I love this place! Have been waiting to go for a while but always got delayed. Emily is an amazing person and I had my most fun facial till date. Although young, she has a lot of knowledge about all the Eminence products and even gave me tips and tricks as to how to maintain my skin. She did point out some obvious things which I knew I hadnt done in a while and showed on my skin. Jean, the new owner is great too. She does hair and I cannot wait to try a new haircut with her.
Anuja K, Mar 18 2017
Jean is a genius! A lifesaver! I'm going to call her JEANius from now on haha!

After a series of unfortunate events, I was left with a fiery red/orange catastrophe on my head. I was actually envious of the mop on Trump's head at this point. Needless to say I needed a hair rescue ASAP and went to Jean.

After explaining what I was looking for, Jean worked with me to select the right color through a process of elimination, which was very efficient and effective! She then took her time and added extra care and products to give my dry, thirsty hair some moisture and strength.

Although I wanted an allover color, she advised in saving some strands of highlight to add dimensions, which she meticulously picked out in a random pattern, soaked them in Olaplex, and foil wrapped them. After applying the color, she went against using heat and instead used an ingenious way to "heat" up my hair. I'm not going to share all of her secrets here, so you'll just have to see for yourself ;)

Not only is Jean a master of her craft, she's also an incredibly witty, funny, and generous woman. My fiance decided to stop to get his haircut at the same time and we spent the entire night cracking up at Jean's clever jokes (some of which I'm going to "borrow" to use lol), comments, and stories.

Although it was past closing time, we never felt rushed. In fact, we were the ones rushing her as we felt bad for keeping her so late! Instead of looking at the clock and seeing that we were over 40 minutes past her closing time, Jean continued with her steady pace to obsess over every details and to chit chat some more with us. I felt like we were hanging out with our 2nd, cool mom!

The result was more than what I was asking for. Not only did she gave me the color I asked for, she also restored my hair, making it shiny, soft, and tangle free (which is very rare as I have a full head of very long hair!). Thank you Jean, the miracle worker!! :)
Tracy H, Nov 15 2017
Thank you ladies for helping with my wife ( Jennifer) and her up do! She looked absolutely beautiful! Highly recommend!
Christopher A, Jul 11 2018